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To Ban E-Cig Selling to Minors and Vaping at Work?

Being a former smoker, electronic cigarettes have saved my life from further deterioration. For me, to use an electronic cigarette instead is just like going on a strict and healthy diet, without the sugar or fat. I have been vaping for almost 3 years and I can say that it slowly does the trick. I am no longer feeling the need to purchase a pack of real cigarettes.

But when there is a good side to electronic cigarettes, there is always a downside. There are people who see electronic cigarettes as a good thing, while there are those, like parents, who see them as a threat. And there are employers who see them as nothing more as another way to spend break time. But then again, electronic cigarettes are much more than that. They were invented and developed for smokers who are looking to quit the habit of smoking, and to start a new smoke-free life, or at least to find a less harmful option to their health.

The bad news is that children are using them as a stepping tool to go from vaping, to the real deal. In Europe, the government is seeking to get the electronic cigarette banned from public places as non-smokers find them just as annoying as the real thing. On the other hand, another step is also taking course to ban menthol cigarettes in packets of 10. They are planning on having these cigarettes regulated because again, children under 16 years of age can easily purchase electronic cigarettes. The government thought that they are much more preferred by the children. And so this is the step they are taking to discourage smoking among the youth.

As all vapers like me know, electronic cigarettes are fueled with liquid that come in all sorts of candy-like flavors including vanilla, chocolate and my favorite: melon. These appeal to children, and since it is not technically like “smoking” itself, they think it is alright to vape and it might pave the way for them to be curious as to what “real cigarettes” taste like. This is the fear of most parents. That their children will get into smoking the real thing once they start on vaping. Also, being popular among adults, teenagers and pre-teens alike, children want to get into the game!

Who else is to blame?

There were complaints from parents after their 13-year old daughters purchased electronic cigarettes from a local store. Of course, the parents were not very pleased or the least bit impressed with this piece of information. The parents were outraged and demanded that the electronic cigarettes be banned, or at least regulated so that children will not be able to purchase them from stores so easily.

But the truth is that even with regulations, children are still going to be able to buy them one way or another. It cannot be stopped. At most we can do is to try and teach the children the pros and cons of smoking, just so that they can have a heads up. But they will eventually have to make their own choice of whether or not they are going to be smoking for real.

Children smoking are not the only problem being faced by the vaping public. Since its boom in popularity, many smokers have been switching to electronic cigarettes. And since most of these users are recovering smokers, they should not, in any way, be exposed to second hand smoke. Workplaces are sending off vapers to designated smoking areas because they believe that vaping and smoking is the same thing, which is really not, because although electronic cigarettes contain these liquids that have a little bit of nicotine in them, it is not as much as the real cigarette.

Work adjustments, maybe?

Offices should not jump to these conclusions, but instead, make adjustments to the rules to accommodate vapers. For instance, they can set up another designated smoking area which will be exclusive for those who use the electronic cigarette and away from regular smokers. Other adjustments offices that should consider is promoting the use of electronic cigarettes instead of regular ones since it is for one thing, less harmful not only to your health, but for the health of those around you since second-hand cigarette smoke is more harmful than first hand smoke.

The only thing that can be seen as wrong is that employees may take more breaks. So employers should see to it that they inform their employees that excessive breaks would result to disciplinary actions. Making these adjustments will help keep everyone happy in the work environment, and a happy working environment would mean happy workers. A lot of work still needs to be done for electronic cigarettes to be accepted fully into society. Someday they might even replace the real ones, but for now, let us try to keep it together and make the adjustments for our lives to be better with the inclusion of this wonderful invention.


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