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E-Cigarettes: Good or Evil?

E-cigarettes, or for most us vapers find it cool to say as e-cigs, are quite the buzz since the past few years because of the public’s controversial take on its legality and where it should be allowed to use. Debates and opinions about the matter had grown strongly because of the increase of e-cig users, especially in the UK.

Banning vapers in pubs…

Fuller’s has banned the use of e-cigs in all of their branches to ease the growing distress of their customers, and also their staff who have difficulties in differentiating tobacco and e-cigs. They reasoned that in doing so, it would also ease their customers’ discomfort by keeping their institutions free from the smell of cigarette smoke. Fuller’s also argued that it’s too much of a hassle to have their staff to worry about having to keep an eye out for vapers when they should be focused on delivering the best possible service to their customers. So, really, the best course of action is to ban it altogether?

I beg to differ in their idea of a “welcoming” environment when quite literally, they are closing their doors for us vapers. I do understand that they have to accommodate the demands of their customers, as they are supposedly a “welcoming and inviting” kind of place. However, are we not part of that market? Do we not pay the same amount of money to get to such place and should be treated with the same courtesy? It tramples on the rights of vapers to go to places and not be judged or bothered by prejudice.

This move disheartens some people because e-cigs truly have been a helpful tool in aiding them to quit smoking. As I have mentioned, there is no easy way to quit but then, e-cigs have accomplished to be an alternative, a first step that smokers can take to a toxin-free living. I think we should credit people who choose e-cig over tobacco and should not be treated like lepers and banning them in places of entertainment or relaxation.

I disagree that they pose any threat to the public since e-cigs are completely harmless as they only emit vapor and no toxins whatsoever. People who can’t distinguish tobacco from e-cig should adjust and learn to exist together in public places because I find such reasoning feeble. It’s more than a little unfair and unjust to prohibit vapers to enter such place because they are feeling a little disconcerted or uncomfortable. When I’m vaping on my Nautilus 2 tank by Aspire I’m always wary of those around me.

Institutions such as the British Medical Association (BMA) have yet to be convinced of the medical merits of using e-cigs as they have no medical proof or any scientific evidence to back it up. The effectiveness in which the device supposedly alleviates nicotine cravings is also under question and the safety in using it, to some people, is still unproven.

A more positive approach to e-cigs…

In some areas, however, smoking an e-cig is actually encouraged. An e-cig bar opened in Shoreditch promoting a redefinition of socializing to its bar-goers. The venue launches events that are vaper-friendly and encourages them to light up indoors. Since smoking tobacco had created a sort of proverbial (sometimes literal) wall between smokers and non-smokers, the advent of e-cigs somewhat diminishes the gap as they are legal in public places.

For instance, I used to have been forced to be by myself in social gatherings to sate my need to smoke in many occasions. I had to go outdoors (sometimes in the bitter cold) to get my fix. But since I can use an e-cig indoors, I don’t have to go out anymore. Where before there were smoking and non-smoking areas, now everyone can mingle in one general venue without worries of the dangers of second-hand smoking.

Even major tobacco companies such as Philip Morris, which is one of the largest listed tobacco companies in the world, has made plans to extend their business to the e-cig market. The company realized that the rapid increase in the use of e-cgis would not only boost their sales but would also promote these products as catalysts for the treatment of would-be quitters. In addition to that, some well-known tobacco brands are enticed even more by endorsements from famous celebrities like Leonardo di Caprio. (He has been caught vaping in public for the nth time, which ensures e-cigs a profitable venture.)

My final thoughts…

To sum it all up, the public’s take on the whole e-cig craze are currently bipolar. At one point, there are people who see it as a powerful tool that could possibly turn the tides for those who want to quit smoking. These people, majority of which are smokers (or were smokers) would argue that the simulation of smoking cigarettes with little or no nicotine, or other toxins that are in tobacco is, in fact, ingenious and would be the next evolution of smoking minus the diseases. And on the other hand, there are also people who are cynical of the benefits of using e-cigs until proven otherwise. People, who think this way, would prefer it be regulated or prohibited until such time they are efficiently tested.


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