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Learning the hard way- smoking is bloody addictive!

Nobody that has ever enjoyed a cigarette can deny smoking is addictive. Let me just start out by saying I think puffing on a cigarette is one of the greatest things ever. I love cigarettes and if there was anything good about them, I would take up smoking again in a minute. However, there is far too much information about the long-term health effects to start again. Not to mention that quitting was incredibly difficult and I do not ever want to go through that again.cigarette

In fact, I did not even want to quit in the first place, but my wife wanted to quit and I reluctantly said I would support her and give up the habit. The day she quit, I sat in the car after getting home from work and relished what I thought would be my last cigarettes ever. I left half a pack in the car for emergencies and went in the house. It was barely an hour before I was trembling, pacing, and could not stop thinking about having a smoke. It was like watching a junkie having a fit waiting for a fix. kind of put this into perspective.

It did not take long before I caved in and smoked the rest of the emergency stash. I decided the best idea would be to start cold turkey (

The easy solution- smoke lol!?

The easy solution was to just have a smoke, but considering how hard it was to not smoke, I figured giving in now would make it impossible to ever quit again. Every day the craving was still there, even as each week and month passed and was duly noted, I could not stop thinking about cigarettes. There was really no reason not to start smoking again, except then I could not say I was quitting smoking. Staying a non-smoker was only slightly more important than enjoying that warm and mellow, sticky like honey, rush of nicotine. Just thinking about it now makes me want to enjoy a smoke.

The funny thing is, I do not even remember the first cigarette. I think it was the key accessory to look cool, but that rush was awesome. That was it, I was hooked. Even through the mornings when the coughing fits were enough to wake the dead. Some days the coughing was so bad, weird chunks of stuff came up. Luckily, a cigarette was all it took to make everything right in the world. I must say, it did look pretty cool to take a drag and exhale a big blue cloud. Ah yeah, the good old days.

Giving up is hard work – as addictive as heroin?!

The truth is, not smoking feels a lot better though. There are no more yellow fingers and skin, my eyes are not sunk in anymore. Quitting was like torture; for years I kept track of the days since the last smoke even though it felt like it was only the day before. Trying to kick the habit was as bad as being hooked on a hard drug like heroin. I’m glad it is over and can’t imagine going through it again, but it is so addictive, I still feel the temptation to give in.


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