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My journey to ecigs

The only thing that worked for me was electronic cigarettes, so I’d like to go through with  a journey into how I got there, and am now smoke free.

Myth #1 – you don’t know what is in e-liquid, do you?

Just take a look on the Ecita blog. There seems to be a bit of a campaign in some areas of the media about electronic cigarettes, and whether they are safe. I often get asked ‘how do you know what is in them?’. Simple, for me go to an Ecita member, and they will be able to give you a break down of what goes in e-liquid.

My journey to ecigs, as I said when setting the site up, I was quite a hardcore smoker so to speak. 30 ‘stinkies’ on a bad day. 20 on a normal one. Giving up smoking, as I’ve documented on this site, whether by cold turkey or patches is hard work.

Ecig Mods, batteries, what?!

Yeah, it can be quite confusing. So basically, the ecig market is split into two sections. You have what you call ‘ciggalikes’. These devices generally look like fags, which some people prefer because they are like the ‘real thing’. Although, why you’d want your ecig to look like something that gives you lung cancer, God only knows. The downside with these is the battery life is generally very poor. They come with Chinese e-liquids that are again, not always so great.

Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with a Vision Ego Kit. You get a 900mah battery, that will last a good few hours, and the vision ego on top holds 6ml of liquid- enougt to get you through the day.

There are some right weird mods out there…the Lavatube, Pro Vari (got £200 spare?) and the Tesla. Frankly though, with some of these bigger mods, you are probably going to get funny looks. Take them along to a party and don’t expect to get invited again. On the plus side though, they are big and hold big ass batteries. You will generally get enough battery life to last you all day.

Where can I get help and advice?

I am a member over at UK Vapers. There are some fruitcakes over there with ecigs the size of nuclear missiles. However they are on the whole a very friendly bunch and you can ask any question at all about vaping.

What flavour e-liquid shall I buy?

That’s a bit like asking what to order of a restaurant menu. My personal favourite is a mixture of strawberry and vanilla e-liquid (a DIY). However, find a good vendor (there are a few!) and you’ll find hundreds of different flavours to choose from. If you want off the shelf e-liquids, then I would highly recommend the Wizmix range over at Ecig Wizard.

How much will I save?

If you are strict and buy ecigs and e-liquid for a hobby, LOTS. If you are like me and have bought every device and e-liquid under the sun…you’ll probably end up in the missus’ bad books. If you can go away having read this and amass a bigger collection of e-liquid than I have, I take my hat off to you!


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One Response to “My journey to ecigs”

  • Not had a real cigarette for 3 months now thanks to using e-vapes.
    I am a promoter of these e-vapes. I tell everybody I meet
    to just Google for e-cigarettes to see how well rooted
    this busniess is, and how large the market is for these fantastic products is.
    What really annoys me, though, are the increasing number of articles in the
    major press saying how awful they are. Apparently the big drugs
    companies – the producers of harm reduction smoking products are funding an anti-e-vape pr
    campaign – not so much the fag companies (as one might presume) as they are putting money into them.
    I can really appreciate the benefits of electronic cigarettes.

    Just broadcasting – that there is always a secret pact with these faceless entities trying to censure ecigs
    … our country’s FDA should do a lot more to support them. It makes me so annoyed. I will be bereft if they ban them

    Check out my blog;

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