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Nicotine patches- the miracle cure (yeah right!)

There are millions of people in the world struggling to quit smoking and I was one of them. You’ve probably come across countless tactics and methods offered to help people like us kick our terrible smoking habits. Some of these are reasonable methods and some are not. If you’ve attempted to quit smoking in the past you’ve probably have been the victim of a few gimmicks here and there. I’ve spent money on books, groups, infomercial products, and everything in between.

As an ex-smoker, or someone who’s attempting to become an ex-smoker, you’ve probably heard of nicotine patches. Nicotine patches are subject for much debate…particularly when you think of 12 year old’s using nicotine patches. These patches have been widely used to help curb smoking habits. Because of all of the nicotine your body has been exposed to, your body has become dependent on the chemical. 649484_55814147If you’ve ever tried giving up smoking cold turkey you’re no stranger to experiencing the common withdrawal symptoms: headaches, stress, irritability, insomnia. The patch is used in nicotine replacement therapy and is meant to supplement the need for nicotine without actually smoking.

This method can work for some people and for others it may not do much help. For me, however, the nicotine patch did help reduce the amount of craving I felt while going cold turkey. I discovered that its effectiveness really depended on how much you smoked before you started the patch. If you’re a casual smoker, meaning you smoke once or twice a day, the patch may be a likely alternative. If you’re a heavy smoker, meaning you smoke a couple of packs a day, the patch may not help as much.

OK for some, including me to an extent…

What I did discover was the fact that nicotine patches are beneficial for different types of smoking addictions. For some people, the need to smoke comes straight from the dependency they’ve formed from nicotine. Their bodies have begun to depend on the chemical and without it they’re likely to feel physical pain. I believe my experiences with smoking puts me into this specific category.

On the other hand, if you find yourself smoking because you have simply formed a habit to do so, you’ve become addicted for a different reason. People who fall into this category typically are the smokers who smoke when they get stressed or angry. I’ve had friends who’d light up a cigarette after every meal simply because it’s what they did after they ate. I’ve also had friends who smoked because they were nervous or bored. These types of habits may be more difficult to cure as opposed to the nicotine itself.

A short term fix

The nicotine patch worked for me, but only for a few months. After that I ended up smoking the same way I did before the patch. From what I have experienced, there’s no magic solution to quit smoking. When it comes to quitting smoking you have to really want to quit. Deep down inside you have to feel that it is time to kick the habit. Until you arrive at this point you’ll continue to start and stop the habit. Tell yourself that it’s time to stop and continue to work at it.


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