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To Puff or Not To Puff?

The issue of vaping or the use of e-cigarettes has put people into a heated debate as to its merits and dangers. But regardless, the big question that we would all like to know is if e-cigarettes are worth all this trouble?

As clouded as the vapor its produces…

Many people who are spearheaded by the health and medical society, squints at the public’s growing fascination for e-cigarettes. The worldwide acceptance without scientific proof puts this new product on edge and on high alert to the negative consequences of its use. True enough, e-cigarettes which are marketed as the safe alternative to smoking has no medical claims yet. And yet, they are now legal in a number of countries, including the UK and in the US. However, legalization does not make them widely accepted in public places because of the disturbing effect it has on other people.

Due to the fact that some people aren’t used to seeing others smoking indoors and its frighteningly realistic simulation of tobacco cigarettes, vaping raises a lot of eyebrows and presses on a few nerves which is bad for business. As a result, establishments choose to ban vaping altogether to avoid disturbances. For instance, venues and establishments in Scotland (where vaping is also legal) impose different regulations regarding e-smokers or vapers. Airports in Scotland also banned vaping because it might be mistaken to cause fire and panic, or might be mistaken for tobacco smoke which might make other people think they are allowed to “hot smoke” (smoking tobacco products) in a generally no-smoking zone. (Perhaps they should seek advice from the Heathrow Airport? LOL)

Another concern noted by the Glasgow City Council is that the popularity and endorsement of the use of “vape pens”, as e-cigarettes are also known as, might be construed as a movement to encourage smoking or it might give young people the impression that smoking, in any form, is acceptable and even desirable.

A new way to do things..

To get a better understanding of e-cigarettes, here are some facts that you should know about.

  • E-cigarettes actually work like inhalers and powered by small batteries to heat up liquids (usually flavored, like cinnamon or blueberry) that produce vapour.
  • These vapors may contain nicotine ranging from none at all to about 24 milligrams and produces no toxins that are found in tobacco.

The device itself may vary in shape, size, colour, etc. Some may be bulky and heavy while most are thinner and relatively lighter. It simulates the feeling of smoking with no or just very little health risk. While others tread slowly in the evolved method of smoking, some of us have embraced it with warm and open arms. Despite the lack of scientific evidences, testimonials and surveys regarding e-cigarettes’ role in smoking cessation are enough proof of its merits.

As smoking targets children’s exposure to passive smoking in a household where adults use tobacco products, there are people who have been calling vaping as a method of harm reduction. For them, it is the first step to quit smoking and to decrease its harmful effects on society. A good example is UK’s favourite e-cigarette brand Nicolites’ that aims to promote the use of toxin-free smoke to prevent second-hand smoking to children.

On top of that, people who’ve welcomed the new way of smoking opened their own diverse society. A “vaping” trend was born and with its hype came a new blank canvas for people to colourfully reinvent methods of socializing. Vapers and non-vapers alike come to hang out someplace and enjoy life under the mists of flavoured haze. It’s not just about smoking anymore but has grown into a lifestyle, a social definition of sorts that have now become an arena for everyone else who want to change their lives for the better.

Is it worth the trouble then?

There are some scientists who still worry that anything foreign we inhale into our bodies can be dangerous, especially without further study. To tha, I say this, people use e-cigarettes to slowly kick the habit of smoking. And I don’t know about them, but it’s a high mountain to climb. Whatever help e-cigarettes can offer to would-be quitters should at least be given a go. There are 1.7 million smokers in the UK alone, who could be persuaded to take the lesser evil and vape rather than use tobacco. To smokers, there is nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain by starting to slowly reduce the nicotine level intake when using e-cigarettes.

Well, of course, all things have pros and cons. But it all comes down to weighing what’s more important. In this case, I believe the good that e-cigarettes can bring to the growing number of smokers in the world outweigh the lack of study in the subject. Every year, thousands of people die of diseases borne from their relentless smoking. They cannot help but crave and every year, the numbers grow disturbingly.

Sure there is no definite medicine to cure the craving, but there are methods, some that work and some that works only temporarily. Everything that might present a hope to put an end to a life-threatening habit is worth a shot. And e-cigarettes are here to be an option, an alternative, why not take it? If it works, then it’s another life saved. If not, then you can always get your money back.


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