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Save Yourself, Switch to E-Cigs Now

If I say that electronic cigarettes could save a million lives, would you believe it? Coming from an electronic cigarette user, I’d say that you should. Actually, scientists already proved that this is indeed a fact.

Sadly as what the reality is saying, there are already more than 100,000 of deaths recorded every year here in the UK alone because of smoking and almost 5 million deaths around the world in total. Analysts assume that the more people who chose to use electronic cigarette, the more lives will be saved.

I was a smoker before. I used to smoke 10-30 sticks a day (yeah, I’m quite a heavy smoker). Thank the heavens I had the opportunity to switch to electronic cigarettes. There were many reasons why I’ve decided to. Regular cigarettes contained many toxic substances like formaldehyde, a colorless liquid which can cause cancer and other respiratory problems, arsenic often associated with rat poison products and acetone, those are just some of the chemicals which can totally harm your body.

When I was still a smoker, I really didn’t care about that or much better to say, I didn’t know anything until I came to realise that I wanted to be healthy like I was before. It came also to the point that I couldn’t do a lot of things anymore, like I’ve used to and that time when I already had to see a doctor. Electronic cigarettes just became my turning point in life.

So, what exactly is an electronic cigarette? You ask me. The only way that worked for me as an alternative for smoking is to make the switch. I’ve already tried cold turkey, patches and gums, I even bought books and other things but none of them really worked that well. Giving up my smoking habit was really hard and I’ve struggled a lot.

As I use my electronic cigarette, I still get the same feeling because it has this heating mechanism inside that vaporises the liquid nicotine that we, vapers inhale.

Does being a vaper affect your insurance?

What are the other perks of using electronic cigarettes? Cheaper life insurance? You bet! As you make the switch, you will now be called as a vaper, and the result? You’ll be able to save over £1000 every year and based on the recent statistics, it’s been indicated that vapers are eligible for a 40% reduction in the amount they pay on their life insurance. As the insurers classified vapers as non-smokers, the lesser you have to pay for your insurance, this was first implemented in Britain and as the electronic cigarettes trend become more popular, the more insurers will follow and implement this.

So, how does it work? Some insurers will ask if you are a smoker or not and some will just base conclusions from the results of your lab test, if they do find nicotine in your blood, you will then be considered as a smoker. I think this varies for every state, but if you really plan for a cheap insurance then make sure they do not detect any nicotine from you.

What exactly is nicotine?

Nicotine is totally addictive, so be very careful because it is not safe. It can cause you diabetes and such, as well as it can increase tumor growth. On the other hand, researchers are already looking it as a possible treatment for Parkinson’s disease, but nonetheless it is still very harmful.

Moving on, there are nicotine patches, which I know for sure that smokers who wanted to quit, or had researched about smoking cessation treatments and other alternatives know what I’m talking about. Nicotine patches is a transdermal patch. These patches release nicotine inside the body that works by applying it directly to skin once a day. I’ve used nicotine patches before as an alternative for smoking, it did not quite help me. I believe that its effectiveness depends on what kind of a smoker you are. If you’re a casual smoker, possible enough it will work for you. But if you are a heavy smoker like me, then this wouldn’t help you. It worked for me only for a few months though.

Some research shows that using electronic cigarettes is somewhat as effective as nicotine patches. According to a new study, using nicotine patches proves to increase attention and memory ability especially to elders who are suffering from mild cognitive impairment that usually becomes Alzheimer.

Knowing this, doctors still doesn’t recommend it for older people or to anyone. Let’s put it this way, if you are already feeling fine, then you don’t need this. The scary part is, too much use of nicotine patch can make your condition worse, and that’s why they recommend you to watch out for the proper dosage since different kinds of nicotine patches comes in different strengths which can be used for a specific length of time.


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