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The day I tried to quit cold turkey

Quitting cold turkey does not work. Trust me, I know. I’ve tried it… three times, and none of it worked. It doesn’t matter how much trust you have in yourself, nor does it matter how much support you have from people in your inner circle, quitting cold turkey is darn near impossible. I add the word “near” because, frankly, I have met people who have quit cold turkey, at least they claim. These people claimed that they simply were able to put down the cigarettes and stop smoking, no matter how bad the cravings were. To me, this sounded like rubbish you-know-what (LOL!), especially considering what I felt. The more that I looked into it, though, you do find that there is a cross section of people out there who are able to master the whole “cold turkey” thing. It has something to do with their personality and the wiring they have in their brain. While it is comforting to know that it can be done, it still didn’t make a lick of difference to me, at least in terms of how long I would last without a cigarette.

The hardest part of quitting cold turkey

I particularly liked this article on quitting cold turkey. However, to me, the hardest part of quitting smoking cold turkey was that I always seemed to be thinking about cigarettes. I read a study that said the best way to get cigarettes out of your mind is to focus on other things. For example, go out into the big open world, discover nature and take a bike ride…watch your favorite television show, or have a sesh on the Xbox. While it sounded good in theory, the issue that I always had was that I would do those things and focus on them… while also thinking about smoking. Thanks to muscle memory, you can ride a bike or play a video game without thinking too much about it, leaving plenty of time to think about how much you are craving a cigarette. One of the biggest misconceptions about quitting smoking is that the craving takes over your life. It doesn’t take over your life in the sense that it stops you from doing something, you just think about it all the time. It’s totally possible to live a full life while spending every waking moment thinking about smoking.

So how did it all end?

I would love to say that I finally broke through on my third time and quit smoking cold turkey. I wish I could be a shining example to you about how I triumphed over the odds. The thing is, I can’t. Did I finally quit smoking? Yes. And yes: I am proud of myself for doing it. With that said, I didn’t do it cold turkey. I used the patch, the gum and a whole lot of diet soda to get to the point where my body no longer craved cigarettes. I don’t miss smoking, but I am also not one of those people who looks down on others who do and can’t seem to quit. The best piece of advice that I have is that if you want to quit smoking, try it cold turkey. If you fail, use some of the products that are out there to help. It took me over three years to finally quit smoking. It may take you more.


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