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Vaping Zone, A First of Its Kind Comes to Heathrow!

Good job Heathrow Airport for opening the first indoor vaping zone in the world!

I have found this to be a very good news for all e-cigarette users, especially for those who love to travel. The area is operated and conducted by e-cigarette manufacturer Gamucci. It is located in the international departures lounge at terminal 4, beside the duty-free and other luxury shops. It is about 30 square meters or 325 square-feet big and is open daily from 5:00 a.m to 10:30 p.m. As of last year, the vaping zone is the only area inside the Heathrow Airport where the passengers or travellers are allowed to use their e-cigarettes, as well as the area where they can purchase Gamucci’s e-cigarettes products and only the people who are 18-years old and above are allowed inside the area.

And aside from the vaping zone, there is also an area outside the terminal of Heathrow Airport for regular cigarette smokers. Its official website clearly states that electronic cigarette use is regulated under similar restrictions as regular ones and is not allowed in terminal buildings other than the designated area in Terminal 4. Gatwicks has also added that there is no way for you to smoke once you get through security. You can carry an e-cigarette with you, but just to be sure, please do check with your airline if using the device is allowed on board the aircraft.

In connection to this, a survey was previously conducted by a global travel search site The result, an estimated 57% among a thousand travellers who took the survey would want more airports to have a vaping zone. And other travellers said that if e-cigarettes were available, they would love to buy and use the device while flying. In spite of this, several of the travellers still believe that the use of e-cigarettes should not be allowed anywhere else in the airport premises and a less than half of the travellers said that they are totally not in favor of having a vaping zone onboard the aircraft.

According to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency or MHRA, e-cigarette or vaping products are becoming more of a trend with an estimated 1.3 million users for this year alone. This just shows how popular the e-cigarettes have become. As a matter of fact, Euromonitor International conducted a study that shows that the global sales of e-cigarettes are worth $2 billion and growing. And on which, the United Kingdom, America, Russia and Germany are considered to be the countries to have the largest users and markets of e-cigarettes. Nielson, an independent consumer research company has said that Gamucci is the UK’s fastest growing brand among other competitors.

So what exactly is an e-cigarette?

Just like you, I did not exactly know anything about e-cigarettes at first. I was totally clueless until one of my friends in the office mentioned it. I started to do some research about it online and it led me to different sites and forums. After a few reads here and there, I eventually decided to buy and try one. Now that I became a legit e-cigarette user, I will share you some more bits of information.

E-cigarette is a battery-powered device. It is rechargeable but non-combustible. It allows the user to enjoy nicotine without the harmful substances that the regular cigarette has. It also uses liquefied nicotine, some of which come in sweet flavours, and produces odourless water vapor that is already proven to be safe.

What is the difference between e-cigarettes and the regular cigarettes?

There are a lot actually, to summarize them, e-cigarettes does not contain any of the thousands of harmful chemical products like tar and tobacco that are in regular cigarettes, in which that can cause cancer. E-cigarettes also do not produce ashes.

A regular cigarette leaves bad odor and stains as well. It is the main cause of why you are having a bad breath. And did you know about second-hand smoking? (Is there anyone else who doesn’t know? LOL) But to remind you anyway, second-hand smoking happens when a person (either a smoker or not) inhales the smoke coming from cigarettes. This can cause cancer and other harmful diseases. Well, obviously, this is caused by cigarette smokers.

So if you just think about it, there are actually a lot of advantages of being an e-cigarette user, like myself. First is, you are free from all the other smoking bans in which, we all know that some countries and places have already implemented their ban smoking act. Another thing is that you can already consider yourself as a non-smoker individual from then on. And as a non-smoker you get to enjoy various life insurance benefits. Indeed, e-cigarettes are much better, safer and cheaper than any regular cigarettes. If you want to have the chance to have a healthier lifestyle, why don’t you make the switch now?


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